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Because it is needed. The world needs more and better engineers. Globalisation has a growing impact on the lives of our members.

Europe - including the Nordic countries - is under pressure. We are losing influence. The world is changing. The big developing countries are becoming much more active but they do not necessarily bring us where we want to go. Consider WTO. It took more than 12 years to reach its first compromise on the Doha round in December 2013. The UN is struggling to fight climate change. In Paris, December 2015, it finally succeeded to strike a global deal thanks to excellent French diplomacy and the fact that the US and China were finally prepared to commit themselves. The deal is not enough to keep the increase of temperature below 2 degrees Celsius, but it is a good start that will hopefully boost sustainable growth, research and the demand for green energy technologies.

What can we do about climate change?

How can we become more competitive?

Create innovative products?

Get new technologies and green jobs?

Develop a knowledge economy?

Finance the Nordic welfare societies?

The answer is more and better engineers!

To get this message across the borders we have decided to establish ANE (the Association of Nordic Engineers). Together we can make the crucial role of engineers in society much more visible. We can strengthen our influence on cross border decisions in the EU affecting our members’ lives and careers. We can coordinate our positions and make ourselves heard speaking with one voice in international organisations and institutions. ANE must bring us bigger influence at a lower cost.

If you want to know more about ANE and our vision do not hesitate to contact us.

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