Jobs in International Institutions and Organizations

Below is listed some of the global Institutions and Organizations, which are recruiting engineers. The different websites have been indexed under the following headings:

Global Institutions

United Nations:
Press "Employment".

World Health Organization:
Press "About Us", then press "Employment" and finally press "Vacancies in WHO".

The World Bank:
Press "About us", then "Staff", then "Jobs Page" and finally "Employment Opportunities".

Press "About OECD" and then "Job Vacancies".

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European Institutions and Agencies

Press "Work for the EU".

European Agency for Environment (in Copenhagen):
Press "About EAA" and then "Jobs and Opportunities in EAA".

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (in Bilbao):
Press "About Us" and then "Job Vacancies".

European Space Agency (ESA):
Press "Careers at ESA" and the "Subscribe to Vacancies".

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA):
Press "Jobs" at the right middle/bottom side.

European Patent Office
Press "Current vacancies" on the left side.

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Research and Production

Cern (European Organization for Nuclear Research):
Press "Cern Staff and Users" and then "Jobs".

Press "Work at Airbus".

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Other Sites

International Labour Organization:
Press "Employment Opportunities".

Press "Job Opportunities" in the English version.

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