Seeking Jobs Outside Scandinavia

Seeking Jobs Outside Scandinavia

Are you an engineer? Are you looking for a job outside Scandinavia? Maybe a job in international institutions, organizations or would you prefer to be posted by a Scandinavian Government for developing aid?

You can use this website as a point of departure when you consider the possibilities and challenges. Read more about

Particular guidance and help to members

If you are a member of an organization affiliated to UNI Global Union you can get help and advice from sister organizations around the world through the UNI Passport scheme. Press followed by pressing Professionals/Managers on the left side. After that press UNI Passport.

If you are a student member looking for an internship or a trainee position in recognized international companies you can also use the UNI website mentioned above. Press again Professionals/Managers and after that press UNI Internship.

If you are a member of one of the three engineering associations/societies affiliated to ANE you are offered particular access to guidance and networks in the countries where you are looking for a job.