ANE is governed by an Executive Committee, which members are the presidents of the affiliates. The Executive Committee cannot exceed 5 members, one from each Nordic country.
Today, ANE has three affiliates, the three founding organisations. 

The general secretaries (administrative directors) of the affiliates participate in the meetings of the Executive Committee as observers.

The secretariat is led by General Secretary, who is selected via an open competition. General Secretary plans and manages the ANE activities, coordinates positions and represents ANE at various fora. 

General Secretary works closely with an appointed ANE- coordinator from each of the affiliates.  The main duty of ANE coordinator is the coordination of the international cooperation within the respective organisation and the transmission of all kinds of information between ANE and the affiliate.

The secretariat is placed in Copenhagen under the auspices of the Danish Society of Engineers. 

Members of the Executive Committee
Trond Markusssen, President of NITO, Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists since 2012. Former vice president of NITO for 9 years. Selv-employed consultant. Previosly worked at a Norwegian IT production company for than 16 years as a programmer and quality engineer.Ulrika was the member of the Board  of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers since 2010 and the last four years fulfilled the duties of the first vice-president. She is succeeding Ulf Bengtsson, who retired from his functions in October 2016. Ulrika has the Validation Lead experience in the pharmaceuticals industry, and holds master degree in chemical pharmaceutics.
Trond Markussen
President of ANE
 Ulrika Lindstrand
Vice-President of ANE
Thomas Damkjær Petersen has been active in IDA for more than 25 years, and most recently he has held posts in the Executive Board and the executive committee, and also as the Chairman for the public sector employees for the last six years. Thomas has MSc in Engineering from DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and previously held a position as Project Manager for Traffic Planning in Denmark’s largest traffic company Movia.  
Thomas Damkjær Petersen
Cashier of ANE
Richard Malmborg, born 1961. CEO/General secretary with 160 employees at Swedish society of graduate engeneers since 2002.
Employed since 1991.
Former Naval Officer in the Royal Swedish Navy 1981-1986, Naval Academy 1982-84, Naval War Academy 1986.
Master of Laws, University of Lund 1990.
Former Norwegian diplomat serving in the MFA, Portugal and Brazil. Close to 30 years of top management experience both from private and public sector as well as CEO positions in big Norwegian organizations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council and the Norwegian Air Ambulance. Former city manager/CEO in the municipality of Lillehammer during the Winter Olympics in 1994. Eight years of service as officer in the Norwegian Army, Signal Corps

Richard Malmborg
General Secretary of the
Swedish Association of
Graduate Engineers

 Steinar Sørlie
General Secretary of the
Norwegian Society of
Engineers and Technologists
Carl Aage Dahl works as the main link between the political administration and the employees of IDA, and has a long and solid background heading various professional associations, such as Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Danish Famer Union and Danish Agriculture. Carl holds Master degree in Agriculture and Economics.  
Carl Aage Dahl
CEO of the Danish Society
of Engineers
Former Latvian diplomat with 15 years’ experience in stakeholder management, negotiation, advocacy and communication. Previously has worked in the Parliament of Riga, Permanent Representation of Latvia to the EU, Baltic Development Forum and the European Environment Agency. Holds master degree in Diplomacy from Paris XI University and speaks five languages: Russian, Latvian, English, French and Danish.Former president of NITO and one of the ANE founders. Previously, worked as Head of The Norwegian Institute of Biomedical Science and Chief Medical Laboratory Technologist, Hormone Laboratory Aker, Oslo University Hospital. Has 19 years’ experience as Medical laboratory technologist within the field of biomedical sciences.
Inese Podgaiska
General Secretary
 Marit Stykket
Head of International affairs
 NITO since 2013 
Responsible for IDAs global services and activities towards members studying and working internationally. Lotte has been working in IDA since March 2008 and she holds a master’s degree in law. Previously, worked as lawyer in FTF, the Danish trade union confederation.International Secretary of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers. Journalist and until summer 2017 Editor -in -Chief of Ingenjören at Sveriges Ingenjörer. Jenny is especially interested in how digitalization and gobalization will change our society and hence the labor market.
Lotte Ellegaard
Head of Unit, International
Affairs and Labour Market
 Jenny Grensman
International secretary
ANE-coordinator from the
Swedish Association of
Graduate Engineers,