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New President for the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (November 2016)

FEANI General Assembly and National Member Forum meetings (October 2016)

ANE President goes on retirement (October 2016)

European study into University-Business Cooperation (September 2016)

FEANI Regional Group meeting in Copenhagen (September 2016)

ANE Board meeting (September 2016)



New President for the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers
On Tuesday, 15th November 2016, Ulrika Lindstrand (43), an engineer at the pharmaceutical company McNeil in Helsingborg, was elected unanimously as the new President of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers.
Ulrika was the member of the Board since 2010 and the last four years fulfilled the duties of the first vice-president. She is succeeding Ulf Bengtsson, who retired from his functions in October this year.
Modernisation of the association, members interests and education are the priority areas according to Ulrika. She further underlines the important role of engineers in fostering knowledge, innovation and leadership in business – the areas that should be in focus to drive Sweden forward.
ANE is very happy to welcome Ulrika as new member of the ANE Board and wishes her a lot of success in the new role.

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FEANI General Assembly and National Member Forum meetings
The discussions at the National Member Forum, (NMF)  meeting, 13th October were structured around the statement produced by the Nordic Regional Group, which you can downloaded here
The statement underlined challenges related to the existence of the organization, common ground and the extending policy. These questions were debated in eight working groups.
At the General Assembly, the following day, and again on the proposal of the Nordic Group, it was agreed to:

  • ask the Board of Directors to develop and present a new Strategic plan for agreement at the next NMF in March 2017. This strategy should clarify the purpose and vision of the organisation, as well as outline the priority areas. This document should be sent to NMF four weeks in advance of the next meeting, and should take into consideration all input received at the October NMF meeting in Stockholm. The new Strategic Plan should be ratified at the next meeting of the General Assembly in October 2017, or via a special General meeting convened before.
  • appoint a working group with two representatives from each of the three regions. The members of the working group should not hold the position in the Board of Directors.
    In addition, the Nordic Group advocated against the proposal on common training principles for engineers and stressed the need for firm implementation of the provisions set in the paragraph S9 (non-payment of membership fee)

The Nordic Group will meet on 25th November to prepare the contribution to the aforementioned working Group. The next NMF will meet in March 2017.

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ANE President goes on retirement
After 14 years in duties as President of the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers, Ulf Bengtsson has decided to step down from his function and to devote more time to his first grandchild and his hobbies. This also means that Ulf is leaving the ANE President position, which he held since the ANE establishment in 2007.
ANE wishes Ulf to enjoy his new wonderful phase of life and would like to thank Ulf for his dedication, guidance and experience. Ulf’s passion and tireless professionalism made Nordic countries recognisable at international level.
ANE wishes Ulf good luck with his new endeavours! 
Link to the article in Swedish:

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European study into University-Business Cooperation

The European Commission has commissioned a wide-ranging study on cooperation between higher education institutions and public and private organisations in Europe
The survey will be the most comprehensive one of its kind ever undertaken in Europe, involving all European universities and over 1,000 businesses. It will help inform appropriate policy making aimed at improving future partnerships between higher education institutions and external organisations.
To participate: complete the survey in the European language of your choice: 

The survey itself will take about 10 minutes to complete and all responses will remain anonymous. We kindly request that you complete the survey before 11/11/2016

If you have any queries about the survey, please contact

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FEANI Regional Group meeting in Copenhagen

The representatives of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and the United Kingdom, convened at the FEANI Regional Group Meeting on 14 September in Copenhagen, have discussed concerns related to the critical financial situation and the decrease in commitment from national members.
At the meeting it was concluded to task ANE and FEANI secretariats to produce one-pager to be tabled at the next FEANI General Assembly and National Member Forum meeting, scheduled on 13-14 October in Stockholm. This paper should outline the problem statement and possible options to structure the discussions.
The meeting was chaired by ANE Vice-President, Trond Markussen.

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ANE Board Meeting

The ANE Board has convened for its third meeting this year in Copenhagen on 13th September 2016. On the agenda were discussions about the future strategy for ANE, study tour to India and the ANE 10 years’ anniversary conference.
Since Inese Podgaiska took up her duties as new General Secretary in August, the priority was given to developing the new ANE strategy and vision. A series of visits and discussions were conducted with IDA, NITO and Sveriges Ingenjörer to reflect on the cooperation to-date and crystalize future priorities. The summary of these reflexions was presented and discussed in-depth during the Board meeting. Moreover, it was decided to table the strategy paper at the next Board meeting, with an idea of having the final version ready and adopted before the end 2016. 
At the meeting it was also decided that ANE will take on the study tour to India from 30th January until 2nd February 2017. This inspiration visit in Bangalore, known as India’s IT hub, will enable ANE a week long deep dive into learning and knowhow sharing. The programme will particularly focus on

  • skills needed for ICT technologies globally within the next decade,
  • visiting companies at the forefront of technology and innovation today, 
  • investigating on potential partnerships and business models that could serve as inspiration for new projects back home,
  • understanding the impact of global pressures and versatile workforce,
  • exploring engineers’ learning processes, competence development, hiring and innovation.

The study tour is organised in cooperation with the Innovation Centre Denmark.

Furthermore, it was agreed to hold ANE 10 years’ anniversary conference in 2017, which will be looking at the challenges and opportunities for the future work of engineers.
The conference will provide a platform to:

  • Inform stakeholders about the new ANE strategy,
  • Explore needs, opportunities and pressures, and what impact they may have on engineers in the future,
  • Showcase good practices of current responses,
  • Introduce European perspective on future roles for engineers,
  • Listen to the young generation and their recommendations.

The conference will take place on 15th May 2017 in the IDA Conference Center, Kalvebod Brygge 31-33, Copenhagen, Denmark.

In addition, the Board has looked at the need for restructuring the ANE website. The decision will be taken at the next Board meeting, scheduled for 26th October in Stockholm. 

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