Celebrating 15 years of ANE

In this video, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of ANE.

Image showing ANE's logo along with a text saying 15 year anniveary.

On the 15th of May 2022, we mark the 15th anniversary of binding cooperation by the Nordic engineering organisations through ANE.

The Nordic region has a strong tradition of cooperation across borders, and living in a time with unprecedented global challenges; international cooperation is more important than ever.

In ANE, we are proud that we are part of this tradition, and through our member organisations, we represent over 500.000 Engineering, STEM and IT professionals. Professionals with skills that are crucial in creating solutions to global challenges.

Our role in ANE is to support this Nordic cooperation and make sure that the Nordic Engineering and STEM voice is represented in the international cooperation. We deliver a space for developing ideas, creating knowledge, and sharing know-how in the Nordics. And by doing this, we also provide the Nordic Engineering organisations with a platform to amplify the Nordic engineering voice, skills and knowledge in international networks and policymakers.

After 15 years of ANE, we see that Nordic engineering cooperation makes a difference. And even if ANE is still a young organisation, there are many successes to be celebrating on this anniversary.

Our member organisations are the reason for ANE’s existence, so who would be better at giving us a first-hand introduction to ANE? In the video below, the presidents of our member organisations in each of the five countries tell us what ANE means to them and how they envision ANE developing in the next 15 years.

And in the authentic way of Nordic cooperation, their voices have been united in the video below.

Happy birthday to ANE!