A Call to Action: Addressing the STEM Shortage in the Nordic Region 

The EU and the Nordic Region need more STEM professionals to lead the twin transition. We, ANE, have written a letter to the Nordic Ministers responsible for Education with three key actions to boost STEM education.

STEM skills

The EU and the Nordic Region share ambitious goals of leading the green and digital transitions. However, a shortage of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) professionals could slow the progress.  
As a representative of over 500,000 STEM professionals, ANE urges Nordic Ministers responsible for Education to focus on the following key priorities: 

1. Establishing the Nordic Green Transition Assessment Forum  

ANE proposes the creation of a forum to pinpoint and address the shortage of specific STEM competencies. This forum will assess skills demand, align strategies, and direct investments to bridge deficiencies. 

2. Investing in Engineering Education for Sustainability  

ANE encourages Ministers to invest in enhancing STEM education from an early age. This includes integrating engineering and STEM into the curriculum and including dedicated financing for engineering education in the national budget proposals.   

3. Advancing the EU STEM Strategy  

A unified European approach is crucial to ensuring an adequate supply of skilled STEM graduates. ANE urges the Danish Government to lead discussions with the European Commission to introduce an EU STEM strategy during the Danish Presidency of the European Union in the first half of 2025. This strategy should include concrete benchmarking, advise Member States on improving STEM education, and propose plans for upskilling and attracting STEM talents, including women. 


If we want to succeed in the twin transition by developing and implementing new climate technology, we must have an education system that can deliver professionals with the right skills. Therefore, we urge Nordic Ministers responsible for Education to work together and address the critical shortage of STEM skills! 

Please find the full letter to the Nordic Ministers responsible for Education here.