Celebrating Women in STEM: A Path to Progress

This International Women’s Day, we join Plamena Cherneva, Founder and CEO of Nordic Women in Tech Awards, to discuss the ongoing challenges, opportunities, and progress of diversity in STEM.

ANE’s Secretary General, Inese Podgaiska, had an engaging conversation with Plamena Cherneva, Founder and CEO of Nordic Women in Tech Awards (NWiTA). They explored the challenges, opportunities, and advancements in STEM diversity. You can view their discussion here.

They both acknowledged that while the gender gap in STEM is a persistent issue, there are positive developments. Across Europe, we’re making strides in increasing diversity in STEM studies and professions. In the Nordics, we’re seeing a rise in women graduating from STEM education. In 2020, women represented one-third of the graduates.

However, the journey towards genuine gender equality and diversity in STEM continues. In the podcast, Inese and Plamena shared their personal experiences and discussed various initiatives that are making a difference. They emphasized the crucial role of educators in shaping early perceptions and advocated for the introduction of STEM subjects in primary schools.

They also stress the need to push for structural change. EU strive for a gender-equal Europe, promoting diversity across education and workplaces in all fields. To achieve this goal, we need to involve decision-makers, companies, and educators in making workplaces more welcoming to everyone, stepping away from gendered norms. Throughout their discussion, Inese and Plamena reiterate that we must also promote collaboration over competition – rather than pinning women against each other, we must strive for co-creation, leveraging our collective strengths and experiences to drive meaningful change. Plamena also highlighted the need to encourage and support women in STEM subjects, free from negative stereotypes.

As we move forward, we need to embrace more diversity of thought and perspective. Inese emphasized that inviting everyone to the table and harnessing our differences enables us to respond to challenges with agility and innovation. We must shift the narrative, moving away from gender-biased language and liberating women from the victim role, as Inese articulates.

You can watch the full discussion:

ANE Sponsors Nordic Women in Tech Awards 2024

ANE is committed to endorsing initiatives that promote diversity, focusing on women in STEM and addressing issues such as the gender pay gap and awareness. In line with our commitment to diversity and inclusion, ANE proudly supports the NWiTA, highlighting the success stories of women in STEM and providing a platform for changemakers and role models.

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