AI & Ethics

“Nordic engineers – Ambassadors for development of responsible AI.”

Focusing on human decisions in AI

ANE prioritises questions of adaptability to new paradigms, the role of engineers in the development of new technologies and most importantly preparing the organisations to service their members through the constant changes. Across the engineering profession, there is an increasing recognition that in a data driven and globally connected world, ethical considerations need to be an explicit and integral part of engineering. However, the responsibility cannot lay only on the engineers’ shoulders. Engineering solutions are developed within the context of business models and are dependent on regulatory and governance frameworks. ANE responded to the European Commissions public consultation on the White Paper on AI.


Report – Nordic engineers’ stand on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Nordic engineers’ stand on AI and ethics presents the deliberations resulting from the ANE AI & ethics hackathon held in September 2018, facilitated and developed jointly with the IT University of Copenhagen.

Report – Addressing Ethical Dilemmas in AI: Listening to Engineers

Published in January 2021 the report voices engineers’ concerns and presents their recommendations in the final report from the second AI hackathon in 2020. Engineers assert that they are ready to take responsibility for tackling ethical dilemmas in AI, but they can’t shoulder the responsibility alone.

Policy recommendations and guidelines – Nordic engineers’ stand on Artificial Intelligence and Ethics

Summary of the proposed actions for ethical conduct for AI development and implementation from the Hackathon: Nordic engineers’ stand on AI and ethics.

ANE has pledged

ANE is committed to promoting the responsible and humancentric development of new technologies. This commitment is confirmed by signing the Tech Pledge.