Engineers: The Unsung Heroes of Our World

Happy World Engineering Day from all of us at ANE! Today, we celebrate the relentless dedication and innovative spirit of engineers around the globe. This year, we’re adding a dash of humour to our festivities.

Navigating the EU AI Act 

In a discussion with Senior Researcher Aida Ponti de Castello from the European Trade Union Institute, we explored the profound implications of the EU AI Act on engineers and other STEM professionals.

A Pivotal Year for Europe: The 2024 Elections

The upcoming European elections will have a significant impact on the EU’s climate goals, competitiveness, and digital transformation. Learn more about why these elections matter for engineers and STEM professionals.


Embracing Neurodiversity

How can engineering unions better support their neurodivergent members? In our recent workshop in Copenhagen, we explored this question by sharing strategies for fostering inclusivity. A standout example was IDA’s implementation of peer groups that support their neurodivergent members.