Image shows the ANE logo and the test Statement Strengthening the gorvenance framework of the EU AI Act.

STATEMENT – Strengthening the governance framework of the EU AI Act

The Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) welcome the efforts of the European Parliament in tabling more than 3000 amendments to the AI Act. We are also heartened by the many amendments highlighting stakeholders and social partners as important factors for a successful implementation and governance structure in the implementation of the AI Act. But the…

The Ukrainian Civil Society is in need of support from the Nordics

Statement from representatives of Nordic Civ. “Nordic Civ* condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and urges the Nordic governments to provide targeted support to Ukrainian civil society and the Ukrainian people. Civil society plays a crucial role in maintaining essential social functions in times of crisis. The Ukrainian civil society now needs our support to resist…

Jobs in Green Transition – 2018 Conference

On the occasion of the Nordic Clean energy week, the Association of Nordic Engineers, ANE, gathered together an expert panel to explore the impact of the green transition on the role of engineers and employment trends.