Close up portrait of Mia Dand smiling.

Introducing Mia Dand, founder of Women in AI Ethics

As part of our partnership with RoboInsights, we have invited Mia Dand to speak at the RoboInsights 2022 event. For a lead-in to her presentation on September 23, Mia has agreed to let us interview her about her work to close the gender & diversity gap in the tech industry. Dear Mia, thank you for…

Image shows the ANE logo and the test Statement Strengthening the gorvenance framework of the EU AI Act.

STATEMENT – Strengthening the governance framework of the EU AI Act

The Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) welcome the efforts of the European Parliament in tabling more than 3000 amendments to the AI Act. We are also heartened by the many amendments highlighting stakeholders and social partners as important factors for a successful implementation and governance structure in the implementation of the AI Act. But the…

New ambitious EU proposal on AI regulation leaves ethical challenges unsolved

The Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE) and the Nordic Privacy Center (NPC) welcome the proposed EU Regulation on a European approach for AI and acknowledge the importance and ambition of this regulatory framework. In the statement we publish today, we draw attention to some of the potential issues of the suggested regulation, which could have…

Ethical AI Session at Techfestival 2019

The session at Techfestival was curated by the Association of Nordic Engineers, ANE and the Nordic Council of Ministers, NCM and was about finding the Nordic way to AI. The session’s aim was to design the solutions for creating a sustainable AI landscape – identifying the strongholds and bottlenecks.