Diversity & Equality

“Equal right for others doesn’t mean fewer rights for you.”

Advocating for equality and benefits of diversity

ANE supports, motivates and encourages diversity and gender equality in STEM education and professions. A mix of all types of people and inclusiveness contribute to more robust technical solutions and create good work environment. Equality and diversity improve the field of STEM and should be regarded as an asset and competitive advantage for the workplace. This policy area is transversal and therefore it is embedded in all our activities.
Raising awareness of STEM and attracting a more diverse group of students to STEM education are focus areas, which ANE bolsters within the Nordic Engineering Hub project. Engaging women engineers in developing technical solutions that improve life conditions of women in local communities is highlighted in the capacity building project in Sierra Leone. Voicing perspectives and contributions from the young generation occurs in the ANE Student Network.

Recognition for the work on diversity:

I.Podgaiska, ANE Secretary General received the 2019 award: Women of the Decade in Science Leadership from the Women Economic Forum and was included in the open directory listing Brilliant Women working on AI and ethics.

ANE student network supports the Belarusian youth

We encourage the Nordic educational institutions and the national student & youth organisations to make a statement of solidarity and echo the appeal from RADA for support against the pressure on youth and youth organisations in Belarus.