How we work  

How we work
At ANE, we proudly represent and advocate for over 500,000 engineers and STEM professionals across the Nordic region. Our focus is on fostering a sustainable work-life balance for engineers and highlighting their pivotal role in the sustainable transformation of our societies, in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. 

At the Nordic level with the aim to build knowledge and foster networking: 

Promote Nordic Engineering Expertise: We strive to showcase the wealth of knowledge and skills within Nordic Engineering. 
Foster Collaborative Projects and Research: We encourage cooperation on joint projects and research initiatives. 
Influence Policy Making: We aim to influence policy-making and strengthen ties with relevant Nordic stakeholders and politicians. 

At the EU level, we focus on advocacy and partnerships to: 

Influence EU Decision-Making:
We aim to influence EU decision-making in relevant policy areas and build a robust understanding of the engineers’ role. 
Strengthen Cooperation: We strive to strengthen cooperation and create synergies with existing partners at the EU level. 
Coordinate Positions:
We coordinate positions and promote interests in a joint and structured way, speaking with one unified Nordic voice. 

To increase visibility and communication, we: 

Conduct Outreach Events:
We organize awareness-raising outreach events. 
Promote and Disseminate Results:
We inform on, promote, and disseminate results of our activities and initiatives.