Support Statement against the pressure on Belarus youth and youth organisation

The student network of the Association of Nordic Engineers, ANE, expresses our solidarity with the youth organisations and students in Belarus. No student should be subject to repression for voicing an opinion or participating in democratic protests.

Since the presidential election in Belarus on the 9th of August 2020, there has been persistent unrest and the Belarus government forces continue violating citizens’ rights to assembly and free speech. Among the Belarusians on the frontline are students and student organisations and they are increasingly being targeted by state forces.

We condemn the undemocratic use of power and violence by Belarus state authorities. Students and professors should not be expelled from educational institutions or unlawfully detained by security forces for exercising their democratic rights. The current conditions are unacceptable and will be detrimental to the young generation’s progression in the education system.

We support our fellow students in Belarus and express our sincere admiration for the young people in the Belarusian National Youth Council, RADA, for standing up for their rights to live in a democratic society. Freedom of speech and being able to take part in peaceful protests are fundamental rights and should be enjoyed by all students.

We call upon the international community to show solidarity with the students and help put an end to the violations of fundamental rights. Belarusian youth must be able to return to universities to pursue an education of their choice without fearing the consequences of exercising fundamental civil liberties.

We encourage the Nordic educational institutions and the national student & youth organisations to make a statement of solidarity and echo the appeal from RADA for support against the pressure on youth and youth organisations in Belarus.

ANE Student Network

03/12/2020 – For more information contact