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Digital Conference – Boosting Digital Skills through lifelong learning 1/10/2020

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  • Break out rooms to co-create policy recommendations. Please select only one choice!

  • 1. Models and Value-Offerings

    Develop measures that ensure a faster transmission of research-based knowledge throughout society by offering short courses or micro-credentials and opening access to courses that have been accessible only for the full-time degree students. The knowledge transfer of research findings is still mainly achieved through teaching young students with the assumption that they over time will be able to ensure the transfer of knowledge.
  • 2. Strategic Partnerships

    Capitalize on the knowledge from the existing initiatives and further advance the multi-stakeholder co-creation. This could be accomplished through a dedicated network anchored on the political level. Creating solid partnerships across different sectors and professional groups is considered to be the most important renewal of successful lifelong learning offer in the 21st century.
  • 3. Funding mechanisms

    Evaluate and develop the current funding models for continuing education. Models that encourage and motivate both individuals and higher education institutions to engage should be introduced. To encourage innovative approaches the “seed money” is essential for creating strategic partnerships that are the key for developing a flexible offer appealing for those looking for continuing education.
  • 4. Platforms

    Develop a joint online platform where courses can be made available to different types of learners. One-stop platforms that include both information and the possibility to apply for a course facilitate access to information both for individuals and employers. A platform would be an important step towards ensuring engagement in continuing education as learners and employers would be able to compare the offer and find the ones that fit their needs.
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