Skills & Competences

No matter how much we know, there’s always something new to learn!

Prioritising Lifelong learning

Everyone should have the right to continuing professional development in order to maintain and acquire skills to remain in employment and manage the transition in the labour market. According to the World Economic Forum estimations, 54% of employees will require imperative reskilling by 2022. Many other research findings and policy guidelines pointing to the need to close the digital skills shortage. What is missing though, is the appliance in practice and understanding the value of continuing professional development.
Our objective is to raise awareness of lifelong learning opportunities as an investment in nurturing STEM professionals’ potential. This requires a change of mindset, adjustments in the institutional management process, political and financial support, strategic partnerships and, ensuring that these changes benefit the individual learners. The lifelong learning complexity can only be solved in partnership. ANE is committed to play a central role in this partnership!

Past projects

As part of our ongoing commitment to create networks between STEM professionals, businesses, and academia we became a partner in the NordEnHub project which ran from 2018-2022


Continuing Professional

Continuing Professional Development, CPD during the career path is not a luxury invention. Everyone should have the right to a sound educational background and CPD in order to maintain and acquire skills to remain in the employment and manage the transitions in the labour market. Regardless of the fact that the Nordic region scores high in terms of innovation and new technology, the talent shortage is becoming a sad reality